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Best Kids Electric Cars for Kids 2021

From real cars for kids to motorised vehicles for toddlers, the high-tech toy industry offers safe yet thrilling ways for the whole family to have fun. Driving in a luxurious and powerful car is now a joy you can pass on to your child with a miniature version of your favourite ride.

The best battery-operated cars for kids are far more than just toys, however. With the advancements in automotive technology making their way down to children’s ride-on cars, owning a fun-sized car with children can be an accessible and enjoyable way to teach lessons about road safety and sustainability.

With electric cars suitable for 1-9-year-olds, one-year-olds, and everything in between, you can help make sure that the next generation of drivers understands early on of the sustainable options available to them.

There are many other benefits of electric cars for kids: Playing with toy cars of all sizes, including ride-on electric cars, can help foster a kid’s sense of imagination and improve their motor skills.

Gift your sense of automotive style to your children! Electric cars can give them the thrill of feeling the steering wheel’s power from a young age. We pick the 10 best electric cars for kids in this guide, as well as popular and important safety features to look for when buying them.

 1.Ford Monster 4x4
 2.BMC Buggy 200W
 3.Toyota Hilux 4x4
 4.Ford 150
 5.Toyota Tundra
 6.Ford Raptor
 7.Jeep Rubicon 
 8. Audi


  1. Ford Monster

Ford Monster for Kids

If you are looking for an electric car for your kid that can cope in pretty much any situation and comes with all the necessary safety features, you can stop reading here. This ride-on Ford Monster got it all. No wonder it is a bestseller with nearly 3,200 positive reviews. It has big wheels to drive high on the ground, has leather seats for comfortable sitting,

Before we tell you more about it, there is only one scenario for which we would not recommend this car: indoor use. It is just too big to be safely and comfortably driven indoors. Except if you have a lot of space. 

2.BMC Buggy 200W

This car is a solution for longer term ride. Only kids’ car with up to 60kg weight capacity. BMC buggy 200w has 2 adjustable comfortable seats makes you feel like sitting in the big car. It has the most powerful motors with 4 stage auto gear system. Always select leather seats and rubber wheels. Rubber wheel can last long, and leather seats provide the comfortable sitting.


3.Toyota Hilux 4x4

If you want something luxury and different than what everyone else have than go for Toyota Hilux. Same as any other car choose the leather seats and rubber eva tyres to get the maximum performance. 4WD gives this car extra edge when you want to drive on gravel or other rough areas. 2x12v batteries can go this car last longer.

4.Ford 150 

Ford Ranger model 150 is a most popular kids toy car model. it’s good for kids 3 to 7 year old. Before the purchase Always make sure the car is Licensed by the Ford. Kids Ford model parts are available in NZ and easy to replace in case you need charger or remote. These ford kids cars are very reliable and keep going for longer as long you look after the battery. 

5.Toyota Tundra 

If you are looking for something different and no one else have then choose Toyota Tundra kids car. It has two perfect seats with very comfortable ride. It has all the same functions as Ford ranger.